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About Reptile Shack

Looking for reptile supplies? The Reptile Shack is here to help you in your journey as a reptile owner. Our web store lists the latest products available locally from Exo Terra and Zoo Med, allowing you to provide your reptilian friend with a harmonized microhabitat that fiercely resembles its living environment in nature.

Established in 2012 and serving hundreds of reptile owners through, the Reptile Shack now has its own dedicated website for reptile owners to discover the latest products for frogs, turtles, snakes and more.

We work closely with local suppliers to procure equipment, supplies and perishables for reptiles, at your request. Due to the limited demand and supply available in Singapore, if may sometimes not be possible for you to purchase an item of your choice. Our purchasing service allows us to expedite your request and secure available islandwide stock to be sent to your doorstep, or place a special order for you from our overseas partners.

Although owning exotic animals in Singapore is illegal, it is legal, safe and very possible to take excellent care of some species of reptiles and amphibians which can be kept as pets; namely, the Red-Eared Terrapin, Green Tree Frog and Malayan Box Turtle.