About Us

Welcome to the Reptile Shack

Singapore’s largest listing of products for reptiles! We work with Exo Terra and Zoo Med to bring you the latest available specialist equipment and accessories for reptile enthusiasts in Singapore.

✅ Reptile specialist store since 2012
✅ Direct purchasing from latest local shipments
✅ Islandwide sourcing & tracking capabilities for stock
✅ We accept custom order requests

Our History

We have  been selling reptile supplies since 2016. We have catered to reptile owners in Singapore with a wide range of reptile food, supplies & accessories.

In 2020, Reptile shack was founded to better allow us to cater a more personalized shopping experience for reptile owners.

Reptile Shack aims to meet high standards of service, delivery & fulfilment. You can rest assured that we will deliver all your reptile supplies quickly with the best prices in Singapore.